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Most people associate casinos with a ball, chips, ufabet 191 roulette wheel, and a field of numbers. This is not surprising as roulette is mentioned in many casino movies and books. It is called the King of casino games. Even people who have no connection to the gaming industry have seen or heard of the numbered spinning wheel only once in their life. This game is very popular in foreign clubs.
There are three types of roulette:
American double zero roulette;
Single Zero French Roulette;
Single Zero European Roulette.

A French version differs from the European one in the design of the table and some changes in the rule in prison. If your spin is zero, the French give you back half of your chips. The goal of a roulette session is to maximize your own bank while sticking to your chosen effective strategy.

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How to play roulette
The roulette wheel should have 37 slots for the French and European versions and 38 (due to the double zero) for the American ones, including 18 red and 18 black slots and 1 green field. All colors are arranged in periodic order. If you play in the ordinary casino, the size of the wheel should be approximately 90 cm (32 inches) and its weight up to 40 kg (88 pounds). Unfortunately, there are no strict demands, but most developers try to keep the classic style.

Before starting a session, a dealer says “Place your bets, gentlemen” and then players can bet on the table. They place their bets on a single number, two numbers, odd or even, black and red colors and other types of fields. It is possible to place chips in various sections, placing different bets. It should be noted that the maximum quantities are limited in a sequential order.


For example, by placing $ 100 in a single number, it is possible to place $ 200 in a pair of numbers; By putting $ 1000 in an odd number, you cannot add more than $ 2000 in an even number. The wheel begins to spin until bets are no longer accepted. At the time, a dealer says “No more bet ufa191, place.” Then the roulette wheel is spun in one direction and a ball spins the other way. When stopped, a dealer repairs and announces a number. A casino recovers the lost bets and pays out the winners. In the US version, random bets are paid on a priority basis. Risks are the second to pay. As for the European and French versions, it is the other way around.

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